Clubmix Best of 2015

This is definitely the best CD to blow away any Christmas cobwebs and it will most certainly kick start your classes into 2016, possibly kick their asses too!!! Clubmix, Best of 2015 features BIG TUNES from awesome music artists and club DJ’s. We have always said that the Clubmix series is not for the faint hearted. It features bangin’ tracks with heavy baselines and serious beats. Clubmix is also a favourite amongst our Indoor Cycling members as you can literally get ‘lost’ in the music and zone into your training. The pace picks up through the mix changing from 135 bpm to 145 bpm which is the perfect ramp in music for group fitness classes of this variety. Go hard or go home as they say!
Product code
Solid Sound
135 - 145 BPM
Total time
72 minutes
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