About Solid-Sound Convention & Music

Solid Sound


Solid Sound creates mixes especially for the fitness and dance industry. These are delivered to fitness clubs all over Europe. All the mixes that Solid Sound deliver are unique and only original music is used. These high end mixes can be used for all lessons in fitness clubs like Aerobic, Steps, Toning/Shape, Thai Bo, etc. The individual components have their own range, with their own music and speed, specially mixed for that part.

Solid Sound, based in The Netherlands, also organises two times a year the Solid Sound Convention. People from all over the world visit the convention. It's known for the variety of international presenters, the great sound , show and the best crowd! These are the best in the world!
I love Solid Sound!

The Solid Sound Conventions are yearly organised in early spring and autumn. If you want to join the convention, check the announcements on our Facebook page, or go to the Solid Sound Convention website.